Does PLSJ charge any submission/publication fees?

No. PLSJ does not charge any fees for the submission, review of publication of papers.

How can I access the papers published in PLSJ?

PLSJ is currently an open-access journal and the papers in each issue are accessible to the global public.

I am a librarian. How can I subscribe to PLSJ for our library?

Please send us an email or a mail (details under "Contact Us") and we will arrange for subscription.

How long does it take for my paper to be published?

This depends largely on how long it will take our reviewers to send us back their reports. Nevertheless, at PLSJ we do our best to send authors the result of the peer-review within 3 months from submission date.

My paper has been rejected. Can I re-submit the paper?

If a paper is rejected, that version will no longer be considered at PLSJ. However, if there is a "new" version that addresses the concerns raised by editor(s) and/or reviewers, it may be re-submitted as a new paper. If a paper is submitted twice and not accepted for publication, we will no longer consider it for publication.

My paper has been rejected, but I am very confident about the quality of my work. How can that be?

At PLSJ we are committed to scholarly standards. All papers are doubly and anonymously peer-reviewed. If the reviewers and/or editors are not convinced that a paper meets the required standards, it is not accepted for publication. Other forums, however, may be more suitable.

Do you review books?

Yes, we review BOTH books and articles. In case you would like to have your work to be reviewed at PLSJ, please write to us. Our review editors will arrange for the review.

I have an idea for a "special issue" on a particular subject. How can I discuss that?

We welcome all "special issue" ideas. For this purpose, email us the bio-note(s) of guest-editor(s) along with a 2000-word proposal, and include a tentative list of contributors (with, perhaps, tentative titles). After an in-house review of the proposal, we will be in touch with a report to take things further.

I am not affiliated with a university or a higher education institute. Can I submit my work?

Of course. PLSJ is committed to genuine scholarly work, and institutional affiliation is not essential to that.