Guide for Authors

Papers can be submitted and will be reviewed in any consistent and readable style. If accepted, however, papers will be required to comply with PLSJ's style-sheet.

 General guidelines:

 Each paper should be between 6,000 and 8,000 words;

  • For PLSJ style-sheet, please refer to The MLA Style-Sheet, 6th edition;
  • Use endnotes instead of footnotes;
  • A submitted paper must have an abstract of 250 words, plus 4-6 keywords;
  • The submission of a paper implies that the author has read and is aware of PLSJ's Publication Ethics;
  • PLSJ or Shiraz University Press will not be held legally responsible for any claims for compensation.

An accumulative comprehensive Author Guideline will be gradually be posted here and will include hints for translation and transliteration schemes, as well as referencing, and citing Persian sources.


When citing a work, if a standard or official translation is available, please make sure only that is cited. This is important for the consistency of the materials, even if the translation is problematic.

If, however, a translation is not available, please provide your own translation and make sure this is mentioned in a footnote in the text.  


For ease of reference, PLSJ uses a simplified transliteration scheme that is accessible on all standard keyboards. Since it is assumed that the authors and readers have basic knowledge of the Persian alphabet and writing, the PLSJ scheme does not use diacritics.

In case of uncommon words or phrases, the original Persian is provided in the text or footnotes. An accumulative list of such cases will gradually be collected for future reference in our transliteration document. In other cases, please transliterate word based on the following scheme. 

The Persian Literary Studies Journal Transliteration Scheme