Aims and Scope

Persian Literary Studies Journal is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary and comparative journal, published on behalf of Shiraz University and Iran Academy of Literary Criticism.

PLSJ aims to study the literatures produced across the Persianate world, including but not limited to Iran, Afghanistan, Central Asia and the Caucasus, the Indian subcontinent, and the contemporary diaspora. PLSJ is equally interested in other languages and oral/written literatures of these contexts. PLSJ aspires to be a leading forum for the critical examination of these literary traditions and their various genres, and aims to be an open space for the much-needed dialogue among the scholars and students of these literatures in the world.

PLSJ embraces the comparative and interdisciplinary outlook, and welcomes contributions with a cross-cultural, trans-national and/or trans-regional perspective on the literatures and cultures of relevant contexts and societies. It also appreciates the critical assessment of Persian literature in translation, and Persian literary presence on the global stage. PLSJ is also committed to a broader textual spectrum than the established concept of literature, and is therefore open to submissions on the visual arts, music, theater and cinema in Persian and other co-existing languages.

Finally, PLSJ seeks to be a venue for the expansion of scholarly networks, and appreciates the submission of book and article reviews along with translations of Persian poetry, fiction and non-fiction into other languages. For more information, please visit the Peer-Review Process and the FAQ pages on the website.