Relationship between History and Literature in Historical Texts

Document Type : Research Papers


1 Persian Literature Department, Islamic Azad University, Shiraz Branch, Iran.

2 History Department, Sistan and Baloochestan University, Iran



The relation between history and literature is very important especially in Iran where
historical texts in terms of their writing styles are included in literary work category. Looking at Iranian classic literature chiefly the texts from 11th to 18th century, we can conclude that modern historiography was not common in Iran leading us to guess that in fact court writers were in charge of writing Iran’s history with a very difficult language. Therefore, reading these historical books for research can face us with many difficulties. Some of these historical texts are special books for Ph.D. course in Persian literature and language because of their very difficult language and literary style that is named artificial style. Understanding these requires extensive knowledge in words and literary devices. Historians use the narrative method to explain events thus the structure of historical texts is closed to story style. On The other hand, it is not possible to understand and analyze literary works without a historical understanding of the period in which they were written.
This study tries to analyze the relation between historical and literary books and problems in understanding them. In addition, we suggest some solution for researches in these two fields (History and Literature).


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