Sadegh Hedayat's Historical-Materialist Views in "The Case of Christal Salt" (Qazieh Namak Torki)

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1 Shiraz University

2 Islamic Azad University, Shiraz


Sadegh Hedayat is one of the most renowned contemporary writers whose various works are discussed by many literary critics. His short story "The Case of Chrystal (rock) Salt" is a humorous and satirical story is collected in Tittle-tattle alongside with five more short stories. The narrator of the story explains the history of human civilization and evolution based on his own perspective. “The Case of Chrystal Salt” is not among his best-known stories, yet it can be employed to facilitate a deeper understanding of Hedayat. Rereading and exploring the story illustrates that Sadegh Hedayat was acquainted with the writings on the subject of history of man's civilization and evolution, and his materialist attitudes towards the subject are similar to those of Freud and Will Durant.


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